Complete Set - Grade 4 Editing, Revising, & More (printed guide and student books) - U.S.

Complete Set - Grade 4 Editing, Revising, & More (printed guide and student books) - U.S.

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Complete Set – Grade 4 Editing, Revising, & More  (printed guide and student books)

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So much more than a rote skill and drill workbook, Editing, Revising, and More provides the comprehensive instruction that helps students understand the rules that make language work.  Lessons are designed to specifically cover all 21st Century readiness and supporting standards.  Take the mystery out of grammar, mechanics, editing and revising. Each set includes a comprehensive teacher’s manual and 25 student books. The teacher's manual contains a link to Student Assessment pages which are designed to test understanding and be used as a tool to adjust instruction around review, reinforcement, and reteaching.

This resource includes:

    • Comprehensive background information for teachers
    • Lesson plans for:
      – Subject/Verb Agreement
      – Parts of Speech
      – Word Usage
      – Sentence Structure
      – Transitional Words and Phrases
      – Revising Run-on Sentences
      – Understanding Domain Specific Language
      – Developing General Academic Vocabulary
      – Literal vs. Figurative Language
      – Words with Multiple Meanings
      – Utilizing Contextual Clues
      – Formal vs. Informal Voice
      – Using Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Thesauruses
    • Games and activities to make learning fun
    • Application opportunities within the lessons
    • Accompanying link to mini-assessments for use throughout the year
  • Test-taking strategies

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