On-Demand Informational/Expository (2-8) Workshop

On-Demand Informational/Expository (2-8) Workshop

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On-Demand Launching into Literacy - Diving into Informational Skills (Gr 2-8)

Watch and learn how to teach the foundational skills of Informational Writing with this on-demand teacher’s course. You can view, pause, and replay this content or break your learning into bite-size sections that work with your school schedule. This flexible format makes learning easy!  

Teach Your Students How to Apply Analysis Skills to Constructed Response

WHO:  Teachers, Grades 2-8

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Instructional tools to support deeper comprehension of text, apply analysis skills to constructed response, confidently teach informational and opinion writing, and learn how to provide actionable feedback when assessing student work.  Gain understanding of foundational writing skills to effectively respond to text


Part 1– Launching into Literacy (content repeated in both Narrative and Informational workshops)      

  • Understanding EW’s Methodology and how it creates writing success
  • Recognizing Genre
  • Identifying Organizational Frameworks (e.g., Informational vs. Narrative)
  • Learning How to Annotate and Analyze Text
  • Finding Literary Elements for Literary Analysis
  • Identifying Text Conventions (“clues” discovery) for Constructed Response

Part 2– Informational Skills

  • Developing Broad, yet Distinct Main Ideas
  • Creating Detail-Generating Questions
  • Widening Sentence Variety
  • Conducting/referencing Research
  •  Building Introductions and Conclusions

Part 3– Putting It All Together

  • Practicing Process Writing
  • Forming Assessment Rubrics
  • Recap of Today’s Learning – Informational Writing



  • 6 hours of Informational Writing instruction (taught by Master Educators)
  • Digital guidebook and reflection sheet to accompany your training day.
  • On-Demand access available for 14 days 
  • Certificate of Participation, available upon request.
  • Ongoing support from the Empowering Writers’ team to ensure your success through virtual teacher talks, online chat Q&A, webinar trainings and much more!
  • Price: $175 USD if you already own your required resource or $300 with a required HUB guide, for this pre-recorded training and unlimited support.
  • Register Today for immediate online access to this valuable, on-demand writing instruction.

Workshop Requirements

Each participant is required to have the corresponding Informational writing resources (digital or printed) 

  • Remember that Empowering Writers’ Informational digital guide includes a year-long HUB license that delivers digital teaching resources for an entire year of Informational writing instruction. The HUB allows for easy, online access to your Informational guide, along with a wealth of other done-for-you resources and teach-it tools to access online and use for an entire year from date of purchase.  Teachers love the EW HUB for their writing instruction!

    Copyright law warning: These recordings are to be used by the purchaser only and are not to be shared or duplicated.

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