The Comprehensive Argumentative Writing Guide - U.S.

The Comprehensive Argumentative Writing Guide - U.S.

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The Comprehensive Argumentative Writing Guide

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The Comprehensive Argumentative Writing Guide takes the art of argumentative writing to new levels.  This revised edition moves beyond applicable argumentative skills, offering authentic writing and research lessons designed to help students write in all curriculum areas. With everything from basic introductory lessons, to more sophisticated concepts such as audience awareness and learning how to cite sources through research, this teacher-friendly, classroom-tested resource provides a powerful foundation to enhance student learning.

This invaluable resource for middle school teachers covers all of the latest standards. It includes comprehensive lesson plans and reproducible student activities in the following skill areas: 

    • The organization and purpose of argumentative writing
    • Examining and identifying various side of an issue - choosing a claim
    • Stating your claim clearly
    • Acknowledging, affirming, and countering a different point of view
    • Using voice, word choice and style appropriate to genre
    • Generating relevant reasons, credible facts and convincing evidence

    • Writing effective, powerful introductions and conclusions

Student pages are accessible digitally for print and projection via a link provided in the guide. (English Only)

Persuasive Writing vs. Argumentative Writing 

    • How is persuasive writing different from argument writing?
      Persuasive writing differs from argument writing in a number of ways. In persuasive writing the purpose is to convince the reader to think as the writer thinks. This might include using techniques such as slanting or spinning the message, accentuating details that support the writer’s cause and downplaying details that oppose the writer’s point of view. The purpose of argument writing is to present a balanced, objective, convincing argument. While the reader may not agree with the writer they should come away with the idea that the writer’s point of view is valid and worthy of consideration.  For more information, visit the page below.

Argumentative vs. Persuasive Activity Sheet

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