NEW! Printed Lesson Plan Organizers for HUB Writing Guides - Grades K-8 (printed) (US Only)

NEW! Printed Lesson Plan Organizers for HUB Writing Guides - Grades K-8 (printed) (US Only)

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Teachers who love our HUB, with the variety of teacher support and direct to student assets, will love the Lesson Plan Organizer, our on-the-go printed planner. This grade level specific resource simplifies the planning process and makes the most of your teaching time. Each printed lesson plan contains:

  • A clearly stated objective for focused instruction
  • Detailed list for any materials that you need to deliver the lesson
  • Easy to follow step by step procedure based on the EW methodology 
  • Application suggestions for ways to bring the learning to all content areas
  • Clear call outs for HUB assets that support each lesson

Sections included:

  • Literacy Launch
  • Informational Writing
  • Narrative Writing
  • Argumentative (5 lesson subset for grades 3-5, complete set for grades 6-8)

These printed resources are helpful for any combination of HUB guides you may have. Only have the HUB Informational guide? Just use the Literacy Launch &  Informational sections of the Lesson Plan OrganizerHave the Genre Writing guide? All sections apply! 

Want to preview an Organizer?

Click here for Grade 1

Click here for Grade 4

Click here for Grade 7

Available in US only.

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