Expository & Opinion Writing Grade 3

Grade 3 Informational/Expository & Opinion Writing Guide (printed) - Canada

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Grade 3 Informational/Expository & Opinion Writing Guide (printed) - Canada

Deconstructing Text, Writing Essays, Reports, Response to Text

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This guide includes all foundational informational/expository and opinion writing skills, strategies, lesson plans, reproducible/projectable student pages, sample texts and exemplars necessary for effective informational/expository, opinion, and response to text writing. A strong reading-writing connection is established throughout, and offers multiple opportunities for deconstructing, analyzing and annotating texts in order to prepare students to write in response to them. Specific lessons break response to text, research simulation and literary analysis tasks into manageable skills necessary for comprehensive, thorough responses. All foundational informational/expository writing skills are applied to not only essays and reports, but become the backbone for the more challenging response to text tasks. Also includes research skills, note-taking, and how to cite textual evidence without plagiarizing.

Student pages are available in both English and Spanish for print and projection, and accessible through a digital link provided in the guide.  (Teacher Lesson Plan pages are in English only.)

If I already have the Comprehensive Expository Writing Guide, do I need the Deconstructing Text, Writing Essays, Reports, Response to Text?

While we’ve kept all of the foundational skills necessary for all aspects of informational/expository and informative writing, we’ve added many new lessons that apply these skills to response to text, literary analysis and research simulation tasks. In addition, we’ve broken down writing in response to text into a series of manageable skills that students can practice discretely, master, and apply effectively to authentic responsive writing assignments. Also, these new grade-level specific guides make planning and pacing instruction that much easier. Applying informational/expository writing skills to the kinds of responsive writing challenges on the latest national and state assessments makes this resource exceedingly valuable. Anyone interested in meeting 21st century writing standards will want to have this new resource.

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