The HUB - Kindergarten Getting Ready to Write Guide with Art Connections PLUS SENTENCE A DAY

The HUB - Kindergarten Getting Ready to Write Guide with Art Connections PLUS SENTENCE A DAY

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The HUB - Kindergarten Getting Ready to Write  Resource Overview

For teachers looking for teacher-friendly writing instruction, these resources are for you!

This guide is jam-packed with lessons to integrate narrative, informational, and opinion writing throughout your curriculum.  We have included additional lesson plans for creating a full narrative piece – full narrative writing diamond, strategies for entertaining beginnings, extended endings, main event, and putting it all together.  Students will learn to recognize genre and author's purpose, articulate ideas that will be expressed in writing (oral language precedes written), and engage in grade-specific lessons.

Plus - digital K-1 posters and downloadable color coded activity cards!

The HUB - A Sentence A Day (Grades K-1) Resource Overview

This multimodal resource now includes animated PowerPoints for visual support to enhance vocabulary development and increase comprehension. Lesson preparation has been streamlined with the table of contents and includes all of the pages and cards in one easy-to-print file. 

Features of our Sentence A Day:

In an engaging, fast-paced ten minutes a day, students learn how sentences are constructed, recognize the parts of simple sentences, while reinforcing the basic characteristics of story. Included in this resource: a week-at-a-glance, day-by-day teacher guide, sentence-building word cards for each week, and related coloring pages to inspire thematic thinking. There are enough weekly themes for 38 weeks of school. In just ten minutes a day students not only learn how to write many types of sentences, but build powerful vocabulary, and become familiar with the conventions of story. Click here to watch a preview about this product.

More About the GRTW Gr K Resource

As you use the lessons in the guide, you will be building the bridge between the basic concept of the sound/symbol connection to the use of words, phrases and sentences to entertain, inform or share a personal opinion with an audience of others. The guide is laid out in genre-specific units so teachers can select appropriate lessons for a range of learners and apply those lessons to current content area material. The lessons all state clear objectives, include detailed procedures and provide a variety of templates for student writing.

Foundational concepts are built through a wide variety of lessons including: 

    • Genre and author’s purpose
    • Summarizing
    • Labeling
    • Informational writing
    • Narrative writing
    • Expressing opinions
    • Responding to text – fiction and non-fiction
    • Powerful vocabulary building

    • Research opportunities

The final section of the resource includes a series of reading/writing and art connections to make the reading-writing connection come alive in the classroom. Plus - digital K-1 posters and downloadable color coded activity cards! 

The Digital Guide on the HUB 

The HUB takes you beyond the book and combines professional development, digital teaching tools, how-to demonstration videos and direct to student content all in one convenient place!

    Embedded professional development including:

      • Teacher Background - get a deeper understanding of the genre with brief, topic-specific video segments that reinforce every lesson.
      • Modeled Lessons - watch actual classroom footage of foundational skills being taught by experienced writing instructors—pragmatic insight that can be applied right away.
      • Coaching Segments - elevate teaching practices with valuable overviews, pacing advice and troubleshooting tips from certified Empowering Writers Teachers.

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