Grade 4 Editing, Revising, & More Teacher's Manual Only (printed) - U.S.

Grade 4 Editing, Revising, & More Teacher's Manual Only (printed) - U.S.

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Grade 4 Editing, Revising, & More Teacher's Manual Only (printed)

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Need an additional teacher’s manual for your Language Arts or Curriculum Coordinator? The Teacher’s Manual from our Editing, Revising, and More resource sets is now available as a separate resource. Lessons are designed to specifically cover all 21st Century readiness and supporting standards.  Take the mystery out of grammar, mechanics, editing and revising.  So much more than a rote skill and drill workbook, Editing, Revising, and More provides the comprehensive instruction that helps students understand the rules that make language work.

This comprehensive teacher’s manual includes a link to Student Assessment pages which are designed to test understanding and be used as a tool to adjust instruction around review, reinforcement, and reteaching.

This resource includes: 

    • Comprehensive background information for teachers
    • Lesson plans for:
      – Subject/Verb Agreement
      – Parts of Speech
      – Word Usage
      – Sentence Structure
      – Transitional Words and Phrases
      – Revising Run-on Sentences
      – Understanding Domain Specific Language
      – Developing General Academic Vocabulary
      – Literal vs. Figurative Language
      – Words with Multiple Meanings
      – Utilizing Contextual Clues
      – Formal vs. Informal Voice
      – Using Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Thesauruses
    • Games and activities to make learning fun
    • Application opportunities within the lessons
    • Accompanying link to mini-assessments for use throughout the year

    • Test-taking strategies

When using these resources in a classroom, we recommend purchasing the complete resource set which includes 25 student workbooks.

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