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Complete Set – Grade 7 Editing, Revising, & More (printed guide and student books)

Complete Set – Grade 7 Editing, Revising, & More (printed guide and student books)

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Complete Set – Grade 7 Editing, Revising, & More (printed guide and student books)

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Editing, Revising and More is a teacher-friendly resource that empowers young writers through creative lessons and practical strategies that go beyond grammar to the elements of excellence that create expressive and confident writing. The book begins with revising skills and then moves into the much needed editing skills. Teach the lessons either in the order they are presented or feel free to jump ahead to a particular skill when the need arises.

Each set includes a comprehensive teacher’s manual and 25 student books. The teacher’s manual provides a link to Student Assessment pages which are designed to test understanding and be used as a tool to adjust instruction around review, reinforcement, and reteaching.

The Teacher’s Manual is divided into 7 units:


Unit 1:  Words:  Vocabulary, Sensory Verbs, Sensory Adjectives
Unit 2:  Phrases:  Similes, Metaphors, Personification, Alliteration, Anaphora, Hyperbole & Litotes
Unit 3:  Sentences:  Effective Sentences, Sentence Variety
Unit 4:  Paragraphs:  Essay Structure, Coherence, Transitions


Unit 5:  Sentence Culprits:  Run-on Sentences, Fragments, Choppy Sentences, Repetitions and Redundancies
Unit 6:  Basic Writing Conventions:  Capitalization, Punctuation – Commas, Dialogue Punctuation, Semicolons & Colons, Commonly Confused Words
Unit 7:  More Basic Writing Conventions:  Passive and Active Voice, Subject/Verb Agreement, Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement, Dashes/Hyphens/Parentheses

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